The Ins and Outs of PhotoPass at Disneyland

If you have visited Disneyland you probably noticed the photographers placed around the park. This is part of the PhotoPass service, which allows the photographers to take you and your party’s photos around the parks. Getting your photo taken does not cost anything. If you are not using the app you will be given a photo card that you carry around and get scanned for every photo you take, which will keep all of your photos in one place. Lets take a deeper look into the PhotoPass details.


MaxxPass, a feature that costs $15 a day and allows you to make fast passes on the app, includes the PhotoPass option. This includes photos taken around the park, on attractions, and at character meals. Prints are not included. This is a great option to mange everything via your phone but is not necessary.


PhotoPass Packages

Disneyland offers three different PhotoPass+ options. They are Disney PhotoPass+ One Week for $78, Disney PhotoPass Collection for $99, Disney PhotoPass Collection + Disc for $119.

Disney PhotoPass+ One Week for $78 – this includes online downloads of any photos taken in a consecutive 7 day period in the parks, character meals, attraction photos, and magic photos. You can purchase this online before your trip and activate it when you arrive in the park or at any character meal on property. You will have 45 days from the activation date to download any photos taken. You can purchase this after your trip if you are on the fence about it. Wait until you are home and review your photos and if you want enough of the photos you can purchase it.

Disney PhotoPass Collection for $99 – This includes everything from the above package as well as one set of prints from character meals. If you are going to be going on a trip for more than 7 days it is a great value. You can purchase this at the parks and activate it AFTER your trip. Once it is activated it will download photos from the last 45 days. You must purchase this at the parks or selected PhotoPass dining locations.

Disney PhotoPass Collection + Disc for $119 – This includes the same exact things as the $99 package but it also comes with a disc with all of your photos. You will have to activate this on your way out of the parks for the last time so that they can give you your disc. You must purchase this at the parks or selected PhotoPass dining locations.

It is worth doing your research before your trip and deciding what option is the best for you and your party. Personally I think the extra cost for the disc is a bit outdated at this point in time but it may be something that you really want. Thinking about it ahead of time can also help you work it into your trip budget.

Additional Tips

  • Multiple PhotoPass cards can be added to your purchase. That way if your party splits up and gets multiple cards you can include them all in your package.
  • Missing photos – if you notice photos you have taken are missing you can either go to the photo shops on property or call 407-560-4300 for assistance. They can often locate the photos for you.
  • Magic shots, which are photos where cast members, add a little extra magic into your photos by dropping in a character. These are included and you can ask cast members for these while getting your photos taken.
  • Certain annual passes include the PhotoPass photos. Look online to see if yours includes this.
  • You can find PhotoPass photographers on the map in the Disneyland app.

These are the major things to know about Disneyland’s PhotoPass options. These can be great when around the parks. You are getting professional photos taken and you don’t have to miss out on members of your party being in the photo because they have to take it. It also eliminates the need to carry around a camera during your trip. It can be extra worth it if it is a special trip or a once in a lifetime trip for you and your party. Have you used PhotoPass at Disneyland? Let me know your experience in the comments!


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