Tackling Drinking Around The World at Epcot’s World Showcase

The Epcot World Showcase is one of the most amazing places in Walt Disney World and a favorite among a lot of adults. One of the most popular activities in The World Showcase is drinking around the world. This is where you get one drink in each of the 11 countries around the world showcase. It is not for the faint of heart and I have never conquered it myself but in this post I want to talk about some tips and suggestions for drinking around the world.

Before diving into individual countries let’s look at some general tips for drinking around the world.

  • Take your time – you don’t want to over do it too fast. 11 drinks can take its toll so start early and take the day to go through the countries.
  • For every drink have a glass of water – this is an obvious one, you don’t want to make yourself sick and you need to stay hydrated in the Florida heat.
  • Make sure to eat – not only will it help get you through to the next country but there are amazing snacks all over the world showcase, it would be a sin the miss them!
  • Share drinks – no one says everyone has to have their own drink in each country. Splitting makes it easier AND cheaper.
  • Get a passport or t-shirt where you can check off the countries as you work your way through them.


  • Mexico can either be the first or last stop on your journey. Pro tip: Skip the outdoor margarita stand and head inside the pyramid for a fresh margarita from La Cava del Tequila. They have tons of flavors using fresh ingredients and are DELICIOUS. The Mexico pavilion also has some of the best food options. You can get small snacks like chips and guacamole inside La Cava del Tequila or you can hop over to La Cantina de San Angel and grab something more hearty like the nachos or the empanadas which are some of my favorites!


  • This is the next stop after Mexico. It is known for having some of the least exciting drinks but you can either go for the Danish Carlsberg beer or a shot of the Scandinavian spirit Aquavit outside or you can head into Kringla Bakeri og Kafe and grab a Viking Coffee which is coffee with liquor. While you are there grab some of the baked goods like the famous school bread!


  • Moving on to the China pavilion you can check out the Joy of Tea kiosk for specialty cocktails and teas. The Peach Snap! is my favorite. You can also check out the quick service restaurant in the back for some snacks like spring rolls.

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  • This is an extremely popular stop. You are going to find plenty of beer and wine here between the kiosks and the quick service restaurant Sommerfest. They also have amazing food options like the giant soft pretzel and the desserts in Karamell-Küche.



  • Italy is known for its wine and you can get in a nice break from the heat by checking out Tutto Gusto wine cellar. You can even get a wine flight here. There are also sweeter options like a Bellini if you prefer. Besides gelato all food options are sit down so if you don’t want a long meal you may want to skip the food options.


  • I find the American pavilion a bit boring, but maybe that’s because I am from America. As far as food and drink it is pretty basic. The easiest place to grab a drink here is the Block & Hans kiosk where you can grab a beer or cider. You can pair it with a funnel cake or something savory like a pulled pork sandwich.


  • Japan has some great traditional drink options like plum wine and sake, along with some other adventurous options like a frozen beer. You can grab snacks at The Kabuki Café or check out the quick service location Katsura Grill that has some great meal options that are easily sharable.


  • Morocco’s drinks aren’t super authentic but you can still get something fun like frozen cocktails. They also have beer options and red and white sangria that are delicious. Morocco is definitely a place to stop for food. Pretty much everything here is delicious whether it be a snack or full meal. I can’t recommend it enough! It is also one of the most beautiful pavilions so make sure to browse around.



  • The obvious drink in France is wine, and you can find plenty, BUT skip it! Instead go for one of their ever-popular frozen drinks the grand marnier slush or the grey goose citron slush. These frozen drinks really hit the spot on a hot day! France is also one of my all time favorite places to grab a snack. You can find crepes, ice cream, and my personal favorite bakery snacks from Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. You can find sweet and savory snacks here and it can even make for a great meal. My favorite snack is the raspberry lime macaron.


United Kingdom

  • The UK Pavilion is great for drinking. You can grab a beer or cider from the kiosk outside but for an even better experience head into the Rose & Crown pub. They have a ton of authentic drinks from beer to cocktails like the Welsh Dragon. If you want food but don’t want to sit down in the restaurant head over to The Yorkshire County Fish Shop for some fish and chips. I also highly recommend grabbing a beer and heading over to catch one of The British Revolution shows. It is a great way to take a break from the crowds and relax.


  • Here you can head to the kiosk outside for a selection of beer, cocktails, and whisky. Take your pick and celebrate because you have finished! At this point you are probably full and a bit drunk so find a place to watch the fireworks, go on a slow ride, or head back to the hotel for a relaxing night by the pool.

These are my tips and suggestions for drinking around the world. Have you ever conquered the task? Let me know your experience and favorites in the comments!



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