How to Make The Best of a Peak Season Trip to Walt Disney World

In previous posts we have discussed both best and worst times to visit the parks based on crowds. Of course, you can’t always help your availability and going during the busy season can be unavoidable. If you find yourself in that position there are ways to make the best of traveling during the busy season. See below for some tips for visiting Disney during busy times. These can really be applied to Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

  • Get to the parks at rope drop – Arriving to the park for rope drop allows you to be one of the first people in the parks. This can get you into some of the more popular attractions before lines start building up.


  • Take advantage of extra magic hours – If you are an on property guest take advantage of the extra magic hours Disney offers its hotel guests. This allows guests to get into the parks early or stay late which gives you time in the park with fewer crowds. You can find out the extra magic hours online, which will help you plan your days and fast passes.


  • Take afternoon breaks – The afternoons in the park tend to be the most crowded and when the heat is at its worst. Take this opportunity to leave the parks and take a dip in the pool or check out other parts of the resorts. It can avoid the midday meltdowns in the crowded parks.


  • Be flexible – When crowds are high it can throw a wrench in your plans. Be flexible, Disney takes a lot of planning, but sometimes those plans don’t work out. If something happens such as a ride being down, or an unplanned thunderstorm, don’t freak out. Be willing to rework your plans. It is Disney and no matter what you do you will have a good time.


  • Be prepared – This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Go into your vacation prepared and with the understanding that it gets busy and you may not get to do everything you wanted to do. If you go in with this mindset you will be fine!


These are my top tips for navigating a busy trip to Disney. As stressful as it can be to go during busy times there is no reason you can’t still have a blast. What are your favorite tips for a vacation with high crowds?

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Hello! My name is Cori. I am a huge Disney and Harry Potter Fanatic. I travel to Disney multiple times a year, whether it's Disney world, which I go to the most, Disneyland, a Disney Cruise, or one of the many other wonderful Disney Experiences. I also love to travel to new places and visit Universal every once in awhile to see Harry Potter. I spend a large amount of time researching all things Disney, so I thought it was only fitting that I start a blog to share my thoughts and findings, and I could not be more excited.

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