My Disney Bucket List

Today I want to talk about something SUPER fun, my Disney bucket list! Everyone has their own bucket lists whether its travel, reading books, starting a business, whatever you can think of. I am guilty of having a few of my own and my favorite one is my Disney bucket list. When people think Disney the most common thought is either Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California, but there are so many other Disney experiences all over the world! See below for my Disney bucket list.

Disneyland Paris – I am a little embarrassed I haven’t done this one yet. I love Europe and I love Disney so it seems like an obvious one, but I just haven’t gotten there. This park has mixed reviews and is not popular among many Disney fans; it is also one of the smaller parks. But, size isn’t everything and I am a big believer in forming your own opinions! Paris is a beautiful place to visit and I can only imagine how beautiful Disney is in Paris. I am also extremely excited to try the food there, which I have heard is wonderful. This is definitely a bucket list item I want to check off sooner rather than later.


Tokyo Disneyland – This is newly added to my list, as I have always been nervous about traveling to Asia. With the language barrier and distance it is like an entirely different world and I never thought I would work up the nerve to go. However, after some coaxing from my husband and some research I have decided I can do it. And if anything is going to get me there, it’s Disney! Tokyo Disney is supposed to be a life changing experience with some of the nicest parks in the world. It is definitely one of my top to do’s in the next few years. I am still not convinced I could do Shanghai or Hong Kong Disney but hey, maybe Tokyo would convince me!


Aulani – Aulani is Disney’s Hawaiian resort located on O’ahu. It looks like the most beautiful place to visit. I have been to Hawaii and it was amazing so I can only imagine adding some Disney magic to the mix. I have heard nothing but amazing reviews about this place. They have a luau that is supposed to be fantastic, and tons of activities around the resort. The pool and oceans look out of this world. How could you not want to visit a place like this?


Disney Cruise – This is another trip I was hesitant about at first but am now super excited about. I was always nervous about the idea of being stuck on a ship but again, if you want to get me somewhere, just slap some Disney on it. I have heard great things about Disney cruises and I am thrilled to announce that come October this will be checked off of my list!


Adventures by Disney – Full disclosure I have been on one ABD trip. It was the ABD Backstage Magic trip where you do a couple days in LA and then a few days in Disneyland. It was the most amazing trip I have ever taken and I would do another in a heartbeat. That being said, ABD has SO many trip options all over the world. Knowing the experiences you get on these trips it is on my bucket list to experience ABD trips all over the world. Europe, Africa, Australia, anywhere they can take me. The only downside is these are very expensive trips so this will take a long time to check off the list. But hey, gives me something to look forward to!


These are my big Disney bucket list items. Do you have any Disney bucket list items? Have you done nay of these before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Hello! My name is Cori. I am a huge Disney and Harry Potter Fanatic. I travel to Disney multiple times a year, whether it's Disney world, which I go to the most, Disneyland, a Disney Cruise, or one of the many other wonderful Disney Experiences. I also love to travel to new places and visit Universal every once in awhile to see Harry Potter. I spend a large amount of time researching all things Disney, so I thought it was only fitting that I start a blog to share my thoughts and findings, and I could not be more excited.

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  1. Yet to do any of these that you’ve listed. I’d love to go to all the Disney parks though, Asia included which I hear are pretty good. I’m sure your cruise will be great fun! 🙂

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