News: New FastPass+ Restrictions

After yesterday’s post on FastPass+ Disney has announced new restrictions to the fast pass system. As discussed, resort guest have the ability to book fast pass selections 60 days in advance, while non-resort guests can book 30 days in advance. In order to get the 60 day window some travelers have been booking hotel reservations (which can be cancelled within a 5-6 day window depending on if it was a phone or online reservation) just to make earlier fast pass selections. Once their fast pass selections were made, travelers were cancelling their hotel reservations and keeping their fast passes.

Previously there was no system in place to stop this from happening. Going forward, the Disney system is set up to cancel any fast pass selections made once you cancel your room reservations. You will then have to go back and wait until the 30 day window to rebook your fast passes.

Clearly this was happening frequently enough for Disney to take action. Personally I think it is warranted and I am glad Disney is choosing to do something about it. The 60 day window is a perk for on property guests and if you aren’t staying on property you shouldn’t get to cheat the system.

What do you think about the new restrictions?

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